Stories of the Colonial architecture

Lopamudra Maitra Bajpai

Colonial times witnessed several new constructions- giving shape to new spaces and interactions. This included both public and private spaces. This work focuses on specific public spaces from the colonial times across the regions of Kolkata (West Bengal, India) and Colombo (Western Province, Sri Lanka). Various similarities lie between these two cities pertaining to the British colonial times of the respective countries as the socio-cultural fabric slowly witnessed many changes within. Numerous public constructions across both cities stand till date, as sentinels to weave a communication of several stories of yore. The work aims to help in spreading awareness and an understanding about the need for a balance between history and modernity- a continuity from the past that helps to find answers to many questions in the present.

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Name : Stories of the Colonial architecture

Language : English

Publication Year : 2019-02-05

ISBN : 978-8193954409

Dimensions : 23x15x1.5

Pages : 192

Book Type : Paperback